Suffolk is primarily a rural county with beautiful countryside and, weather permitting, a glorious coast. So we often scratch our heads in wonder when a customer takes us into a beautiful garden surrounded by unspoilt countryside and uses a four letter word to describe the conservatory they are looking for – uPVC!

uPVC Conservatories by Richmond Oak Ltd for Suffolk UK

We are equally proud with our record as award-winning conservatory designers and installers as we are of our green credentials. We continually look for new ways to build conservatories so that they have less impact on the environment during construction, when you use them and when they have to be maintained.

One of the most important aspects of this is our use of wood to build all our conservatories. We do this not just because it is a beautiful material to work with and then for you to admire when you live with it, but also because unlike uPVC, it has green credentials.

Taking the conductivity of materials into consideration, heat loss through timber, window frames and doorframes is much less than that through uPVC and aluminium. So when you are using a timber conservatory it will be more energy efficient than the alternatives.

What’s more growing trees has a beneficial impact on the environment compared to the industrial production of steel, aluminium or uPVC that use energy and create pollution.

Choosing the appropriate wood to build a conservatory from is also important. Many woods are now endangered or at risk of extinction including well known woods such as Mahogany and Meranti. You can find an A-Z of different woods and their “at risk” position at the Friends of the Earth Good Wood Guide.

Oak is not an endangered species and moreover, you can be assured that all the oak we use in the building of our conservatories comes from sustainable sources.

A conservatory also acts as a thermal barrier and draught excluder, especially if it is north facing and you have doors between it and the interior of the house. In cold weather it acts as a buffer zone between inside and out, helping to keep the house warm and cutting energy requirements.

And a final note, we don’t use paper to print expensive brochures and leaflets to promote our conservatories. We produce digital material that you can see on our website and we send digital brochures to people enquiring about our services.

So why choose uPVC when you can choose wood? Contact Us now to find out more about the benefits of wood versus uPVC, or to make an appointment to meet one of our conservatory designers.

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