Planning Permission and Building Regulations are different issues often confused by people unfamiliar with the two processes. Your Local Authority has the responsibility for both:

  • Planning Permission is the permission to erect or extend a conservatory
  • Building Regulations define how the new conservatory must be built

Conservatory Planning Permission by Richmond Oak Ltd for Suffolk UK

You can find out more about Building Regulations on our associated website.

It’s worth downloading and reading the free 38-page booklet produced by the Department for Communities and Local Government: Planning: A Guide for Householders.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get Planning Permission approval, but with patience, seeking advice and applying for in the right way, success can often be achieved when others tell you that it will be impossible.

Our associated website covers many of the issues related to Planning Permission for conservatories if you click on the following subjects:

If you need more advice about Building Regulations and Planning Permission in Suffolk or wish to start on the Planning Approval process Contact Us now.

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