Modern orangeries are very different from the Georgian Orangeries that inspire their name and it is a good idea to have a knowledge of The History of the Orangery that you will find on our associated web site, to appreciate how the design cues from a traditional orangery can be incorporated into a modern one.

Orangeries by Richmond Oak Ltd for Suffolk UK

A modern orangery will have a flat roof pierced by one or more roof lanterns that will provide interior light and ventilation. They are often a more practical solution than a conservatory, especially in south facing situations where a conservatory can become uncomfortably hot in the summer and for kitchens where condensation can be a problem.

The insulation provided by use of brick or stone for dwarf walls and perhaps for one side of the orangery will provide better insulation from the cold in north facing locations, keeping your energy costs down, and protection from summer sun if facing north.

Choosing between an orangery and a conservatory is not just a lifestyle choice. If you live in a Listed Property or in a Conservation Area, an orangery design is often looked on more sympathetically by Planning Officers than a conservatory and it may be easier to get Planning Consent. What’s more, if you live close to a road or public path, or are overlooked by neighbours, an orangery will give you more privacy than a conservatory.

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