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If you are a gardener who wants to view your hard work more easily, or a homeowner wanting to extend your property, a conservatory or orangery specially designed to complement your home and garden could be the perfect solution.

We design and install traditional and modern conservatories throughout Suffolk and are happy to visit Lavenham to discuss your requirements.

Our conservatories and orangeries are bespoke made by carpenters and craftsmen using traditional skills, but we use modern fitments and double-glazing to ensure excellent insulation and a draught-free environment. This means that with the right heating you should be able to enjoy your conservatory not just in the summer but throughout the year as well.


Little Hall Lavenham Suffolk
Little Hall
Market square buildings Lavenham Suffolk
Market square buildings

According to many people Lavenham is the most beautiful town in England. The centre of this medieval town and its timber framed buildings look just like it would have done in the 14th and 15th centuries, but without the smells.

The wealth of the town was built on the wool industry and at the peak of its fame it was richer than both York and Lincoln, producing in particular a blue broadcloth made from dyed wool.

Lavenham Guildhall dates dominates the market square. The Guild of Corpus Christi, one of the three guilds founded in Lavenham to regulate the wool trade, built it in about 1529. Henry VIII who disapproved of its religious connections dissolved the guild.

Over the ensuing years the Guildhall has been used as a Town Hall, prison, workhouse, wool store and during WWII a ‘Welcome Club’ for American servicemen. In 1951 the Guildhall was given to the National Trust and today it is a museum.

Lavenham church Lavenham Suffolk
Lavenham church

The church of St Peter & St Paul is on the outskirts of town; also known as a ‘Wool church’ its size and grandeur shows how wealthy Lavenham was at the time it was built in about 1530.

The population of Lavenham is just 1,730 living in 870 homes. The average 4-bed detached property is valued at £450,000.

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