A DIY conservatory can save you money, but it’s not something we can recommend you buy unless you have some building experience or are an enthusiastic and knowledgeable DIY’er.

DIY Conservatories by Richmond Oak Ltd for Suffolk UK

DIY conservatories are usually off-the-shelf modular designs; something we don’t do. All our conservatories and orangeries are bespoke designed to complement the property they are attached too. This is not something that can achieved with a uVPC conservatory or one sourced from a superstore or a builders merchants catalogue. A conservatory built this way may save you money, but it will probably stick out like a sore thumb on the back of your home and rather than add value to it may even reduce the desirability of the property when you come to sell it.

But a DIY Conservatory doesn’t have to be a cheap looking mass–produced product - if you take our advice and call us in the early stages of your conservatory planning; and just as with our installed conservatories you’ll be investing in a conservatory created in our workshops by craftsmen.

Before you start make sure you know what Planning Permission you may need, quickly followed by checking how Building Regulations may impinge on the size and position of your conservatory. You’ll also need to understand what type of conservatory foundations you’ll need.

You can discuss all this with one of our consultants who will have been through the process many times before and will be happy to advise you.

Our conservatories are second-to-none and regularly win awards, praise from owners and thanks from the many architects and builders we supply conservatories too. So take your first step towards a DIY conservatory and contact us today.

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